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01 March 2011 @ 11:49 pm
big fat fantasy books make my day  
After a long (but worthwhile, I'm certain) The Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss was finally released today. I walked into town at lunch, because if you've waited this long for a book this wonderful it's got to be bought as soon as can be. Really it ought to be read straight away as well, but if I start I won't stop and I have work tomorrow. My copy is 994 pages. I could attempt to read it in seven hours, but I don't think I'd manage it and I certainly wouldn't be at all with it tomorrow, but oh the temptation!

(I have no 'tempted' mood icon type thing. Why is this?)

The last book I read was Kathy Reich's Mortal Remains (or Spider Bones in the US - what's with the confusing name changes?). I thought it was far from her best book, my favourite being Grave Secrets, but it had it's moments.

The tv show Bones is based on Reich's novels and in this latest one there's a fun bit where one character says, "You claim to be smart. Know all about DNA. I'm sure you watch CSI and Law and Order. Maybe Bones, but that may be over your head." We've had the books referenced in the show before, but I've not spotted the show referenced in the books before. Amusing. Other than that though, there was a lot of telling instead of showing and it was a bit like a lot of jigsaw puzzles jammed together in roughly the right picture but not aligned properly.

In non-bookish news, I've been watching episodes of an old BBC show called The Good Life with my mum. Always makes me smile.
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