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18 July 2011 @ 08:52 pm
would you like a few moments to compose an epitah?  
I went to see Deathly Hallows Part 2 with my sister on Saturday. The films generally irritate me, because of so much that is missing or different from the books, and this last film is no exception with yet another truncated and twisted plot. Yet like the rest it was visually brilliant and worth a watch.

You can tell who's read the books by the reaction when Harry 'dies'. It's all the people that gasp and start muttering. I confess I was amused. That and I wanted to give them all books for Christmas, heh.

Overall the special effects and visualisation are as great as you would expect. The story isn't too warped, although a lot of lines get swapped between characters. We get to see a few things we didn't see in the books - like Hermione destroying Hufflepuff's cup - which is great. We also lose some things I didn't want to see lost - Tonks and Remus have very little screen time, House Elf involvement apparently ends with Dobby, and the relationships seem to be a case of 'kiss and go, we have the epilogue later!' (The epilogue did not make me cringe as much as I thought it would and Amy loved it, so I may have to forgive it's existence. Just for the film, mind you.)

The thing I wasn't expecting that I really liked was Narcissa Malfoy. I love Narcissa in the films, especially this last one. At the end of the book we have the Malfoys dithering in the Great Hall. In the film Narcissa does everything she deems necessary to find her son, then takes him by the hand and walks out. She's having nothing to do with the whole mess and if Lucius wants to follow, fair enough. THIS is the Narcissa that forced Snape into an Unspeakable Vow and she is brilliant.

The part that annoyed me the most was when the Slytherins are sent to the dungeons. Yes, in the books they get short change at the end, even with Phineas yelling out that it mustn't be forgotten that they played their part. However, it's clear that the younger students are evacuated for their safety and that all of Slytherin are evacuated for everyone else's safety as well. In the film there's no mention of evacuating anyone. Are you telling me Minerva McGonagall let the first years stay and fight? And that the Slytherins are essentially locked up where if the castle falls down on them so be it? That's not the strictly fair McGongall that I read about, even if she does have some cracking lines.

There are some great moments that make it worth it as much as the great visual moments and it was the last film, so it has to be seen. All in all, I think it was one of the better ones and they definitely end it on a bang.
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