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02 December 2011 @ 02:22 am
a Doctor Who vid story  
Whilst you're waiting for more Doctor Who, or hoping for a Doctor Who film ;)

Okay, I do not even know what this is, but. I was playing around with making a Doctor Who playlist and then I realised that a lot of the songs that I wanted to use were on vids, so then came lots of vid watching. I found many brilliant ones that I wanted to recommend, but rather than just list them I thought I'd make a kind of vid playlist. This, then, is a kind of Who story through vids, which use clips from Original Who, New Who, Torchwood, and The Sarah Jane Adventures, although a bit Eleven heavy. Plus some extras at the end. Enjoy! I know I did.

Behind the cut:
A Doctor Who Story

Introducing the Doctor - Seasons 1-6 New Who trailer. It's gonna be dangerous.
Doctor Who: "Series 1-6" - Mega Marathon TV Trailer by LastWhovian

But this is why they follow him anyway. (New Who)
Galaxies by niyalune

And this is what they do whilst they're with him. Whatever it is, they do it. (All Who, spoilers up to 6x01)
Whatever It Is by shinyjenni

After all, the Doctor needs his friends, all eleven of him. (All Who)
The Adventure by calapine

Rose. She was special, wasn't she? Fantastic and so very alive. (Seasons 1-4) Some Ten/Rose, but really a focus on Rose.
Calender Girl by offensive

Martha. Was awesome.
Shut Up and Drive by laurashapiro

Donna. Enough said.
Paloma by delta8cephei

Ten, beginning to end.
Tenth Doctor: The Musical by di0br

The thing with regeneration is we always get more Doctor. This one is cool. (Seasons 5+6)
Eleven is Cool by humansrsuperior

Let's just get you up to speed with Season Five.
Can-Can Onze (Series 5 in Two Minutes) by Elderberryinkblot

New Doctor, new companion. Amy is sticking with him. (Season 5)
I'm With You by trekkiebeth

And he does so want to look after his little Amelia. (Season 5)
Lullaby For A Stormy Night by such_heights

Enter Rory Williams, time traveller. (Season 5)
Change of Time by trelkez

And Rory's sticking with Amy. (Season 5)
Remain by lady_with_cats

The Doctor likes these Ponds, that stick around and stick with each other. (Season 5)
St Stephen's Cross by kaydeefalls

Enter River Song. (All New Who)
Invincible [Extended] by humansrsuperior

So this is a good idea, is it? (All New Who) Eleven/River
Matches to Paper Dolls by xandrazander

Because this is what happens. This is what the Doctor does. (up to and including 6x07) Amy, Rory, River
Howl by such_heights

It's always darkest before the dawn - time to move on. (Seasons 5+6)
Shake It Out by zanra

It's a fairytale. (All New Who)
Glósóli by purplefringe and such_heights

It's the story of a daft old man who stole a magic box. We're all stories in the end. (All New Who)
Final Hope by TimeLady628

Vid Rec Extras

Mix it up: CSI: Gallifrey by Aislynn815 (Ten and Donna) and The World is Not Enough by niyalune (River/Eleven)

Casts having fun: 500 miles from the cast and crew of End of Time uploaded by in_the_end and the Torchwood cast just can't get enough by stope_4.

And impressive: A Little More Sonic 2.0 by greenpear - every use of sonics up to A Christmas Carol and what they were used for.
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