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56 word comment fics

I like being challenged to write concisely, even if I find it difficult, so four little stories for you from a comment_fic challenge this week where we had to fill prompts with exactly 56 words.

Give Yourself (Harry Potter AU? PG)
for any, any, given all of the death they’ve had to dole out over the years, when they decide to have kids, adoption just makes sense

Harry’s had enough of parentless children; can’t face having his own kids for fear of leaving them behind. Ginny wraps her arms around him tight and whispers in his ear that instead of giving themselves a child then maybe they should give themselves as parents.

They give themselves to three and name them after the lost.

Heart Ache (G)
for The Chronicles of Narnia, Lucy, Home is where your heart is

If she closes her eyes Lucy can still believe in it: a place where Peter stands tall, where Edmund stands upright, where Susan stands proud, and Lucy stands with them, her family, as it should be.

When the Last Battle ends it doesn’t matter how real this Narnia is; Lucy can’t call it home without Susan.

Wednesday To-Do List (PG13)
for Sherlock BBC, Moriarty, average day

Wash dishes (Soak Weetabix bowl)
Clean gun
Collect dry-cleaning
Post finger – first class. (Remember to sever first)
Buy: tie, apples, milk, bread
Wire transfer £15,000 to Scotland Yard contact.
Hand deliver Christmas card to Sherlock.
Check ads for new flat
Construct plan for Mayor’s wife to go missing
Check emails
11pm at Loveshack – alibi

Tricks of the Eye (PG)
for Doctor Who, any, in the Flesh

So often now Amy’s dreams turn dark. There are things that she can’t remember when she looks away and angels that she mustn’t take her eyes off, but when she wakes there is still fear in daylight, that what is in plain sight may not be real.

Rory holds her as she shakes; promises he’s himself.
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