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23 February 2008 @ 11:51 pm
Fanfiction recs  

My fit of procrastination for today involved taking a Sorting personality test.  I usually avoid those, but this one came recommended.


I scored: 81 Hufflepuff, 70 Gryffindor, 70 Ravenclaw and 54 Slytherin. 


I guess the fact that I believe Slytherins are just people, neither nice nor evil, stems from a friendly attitude rather than empathy with fellow snakes then.


Also, I hunted for Charlie Weasley fics and I return triumphant to share the best of the bunch with you. 


Stories with NO Deathly Hallows spoilers


Title: How To Stay Warm At Durmstrang (Without Even Trying)

Author: fiona_ fawkes

Pairing: Charlie/Viktor
Rating: R
Word Count: 3710
Summary: Charlie goes to Durmstrang to share his love of dragons, and Viktor shares how the boys keep warm on cold winter nights.

My notes: An interesting reason why Charlie is at Durmstrang in the first place, funny conversations, smut and a funny conversation with Ron some time later.  Plus, Charlie has reading glasses and tattoos.


AU since the release of Deathly Hallows


Title: Make Me Turn Around
Author: kynny
Rating: NC-17 (very direct terminology usage and language mostly)
Pairing: HP / CW
Summary: Charlie Weasley is proud of who he is. He enjoys life, always trying to get the most out of it with all his heart. He says he is a simple person. But nothing is ever really simple when it comes to handle one Harry Potter… (based on HBP)

My notes: This has some wonderful, and wonderfully funny, Charlie-Bill-Fleur interaction and dialogue as well as Charlie-Harry.  It’s a little wordy in parts, but Charlie’s narrative voice is great.


Learning to Trust Charlie
Florahart (aka QuicklyDraft)

Rating: Adult (swearing, sex)

Length: Novella

Summary:  In a post-war magical world, Hermione's a part of the clean-up squads of Aurors seeking out the final clutches of Death Eaters. Her love-life is a mess but she hasn't the time to really dwell on it, work consumes her. Then she is sent to the dragon reserve in Wales, where she has to work with the managing director, Charlie Weasley. He teaches her how to fly. HG/CW

My notes: This is my favourite of the bunch: wonderful characterisation, great dialogue, interesting plot, humour, romance, smut…



Stories WITH Deathly Hallows Spoilers


Title: Reinforcements
Author: Inell
Character: Charlie Weasley
Word Count: 1160
Rating: Any Age
Summary: After it’s over, when they’ve won, then he’ll grieve for the brother he’s lost.

My notes: A story that shows us the final battle and the Slytherins’ role in it through Charlie’s eyes.


Title: Underground
Author: sabrinanymph
Rating: PG-13.
Length: 4,331
Summary: During Deathly Hallows, Charlie holds the defenses.

My notes: I like reading about what the other characters were up to whilst the trio were off Horcrux hunting.  This story describes what Charlie was doing during the last book. 

Increments of One

Author: Flora Hart

Rating: SV (sex, violence)
Genre: Drama, First Time, Humour, Pairings: Slash (m/m), Romance

Characters: Charlie Weasley, Harry Potter
Summary: After the battle, Harry's life goal is met. Now what?

My notes: An interesting post-DH story from Harry’s point of view, very in-character with a brilliant Hermione scene.



feeling: amusedamused
sugar_fey: pic#lunasugar_fey on February 24th, 2008 01:51 am (UTC)
Excellent, more Charlie fic! Though the Twins are my favourite Weasleys.

And that icon is just priceless.
inkvoicesinkvoices on February 24th, 2008 03:26 am (UTC)
I don't have a favourite Weasley - Bill is interesting (and canon!married), Charlie works with dragons and is overlooked, Percy I'm not so fond of, but he has plot potentials, the twins are made of fun, Ron is a canon star, Ginny is miss independent, Molly kicks ass and Arthur has plug obsession - I can't decide! Um, I can say Aunt Muriel is not my favourite ;o)

It's just there were lots of fics about the twins and Ron from the start, then Ginny, then Bill after HBP and Percy got a lot of attention from the 'is he evil or misguided' group and poor Charlie was kind of dragged back from Romania for some quick DH cameos. *sigh*

The icon makes me smile a lot. I'm wondering if I could make my lj into a paid account as a present to myself for my birthday just so I can have lots and lots of lovely icon space. Getting rid of the advertisements would be nice too, but the icon space... *drools*
sugar_fey: wintersugar_fey on February 24th, 2008 10:36 pm (UTC)
Everyone share in the Charlie love!

I wish I had lots of icon space, too. There are some truly gorgeous fandom and general icons out there I'd love to use.