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Epic Vid Recs Post

See title. (And I’m really not joking about the ‘epic’.) I keep meaning to link to vids and fics that I’ve liked (and loved) and never do, which is shameful, so here be vid recs (although none with Rory, because I have plans for those *grins*). If you’re worried about spoilers note what footage is used for each. Also, I tried to put them in a storytelling order if you like recommended viewing lists ;)


The Official Trailer from MarvelUK: for people who haven’t seen the film and those of us that like the pretty.

This Is War – A Captain America Vid by JessicaRae24 (Captain America film footage, so no Avengers spoilers): gorgeous vid, one of the best uses of this song.

That Don’t Impress Me Much – Tony Stark by 05116557 (Iron Man and Iron Man 2 film footage, no Avengers spoilers): it’s not perfect, but this song + Tony Stark + unimpressed Pepper amuses me greatly.

Avengers Tribute – Burn it to the ground by TheNewPietroZanini (footage from all of the marvel films and the Avengers trailer, no spoilers): I love this. The whole team are featured and deliver.

Avengers – This Is War by ultimateranger213 (footage from the marvel films, no Avengers spoilers): nicely done, good editing, and ensemble vids are loved.

we are a hurricane by sheryloh (footage from the Iron Man films): a brilliant Black Widow vid.

In The Bullpen by genusshrike (Avengers film footage, yes to the spoilers): this Black Widow vid owns my soul.

I’ve Been Compromised by Dorthyturner (Avengers film footage): the footage isn’t the greatest, but this is nicely done Clint/Natasha vid.

black widow + hawkeye: as long as it lasts… by VilyaXxX011wyna: a clever use of trailer footage and stills from other films put together in an intriguing Clint/Natasha vid.

The Avengers Cast: hands up and touch the sky by VilyaXxX011wyna (some Avengers film footage): it makes me smile.

X Men

these are the days (of miracles and wonder) by kaydeefalls (all X Men films): perfect ensemble vid. Miracles and wonders, really, truly.

My Number by trelkez (all films except Wolverine): Charles/Erik, Jean/Scott, Logan/Rogue. ‘It’s a silly time to learn to swim on the way down.’ I can’t watch this just once.

Dixon’s Girl by sabrina_il (X Men: First Class footage): Ladies. ‘It’s not much, but my money’s on you.’

Somewhere Only We Know by DoubleDipProduction (X Men: First Class footage): Gorgeous. Going home.


At the Beginning by selinabln (Sherlock BBC season one footage, but also with some from the first Ritchie film, ITV, and Basil The Great Mouse Dectective): trust me, okay? This is sweet :)

by daasgrrl (all Sherlock BBC footage, House footage up to and including season 7): still trust me? Because this is genius and will break your brain. The vid summary: In the beginning, there was Sherlock Holmes. And Holmes brought forth the brilliant doctor House, embodied by the lovely Hugh Laurie. Who prior to that in Fortysomething played a slightly less brilliant doctor, Paul Slippery, who begat three sons, the eldest of whom was played by the equally-lovely-if-somewhat-peculiarly-named Benedict Cumberbatch. Who of course grew up to play Sherlock. And the Universe looked upon its work and pronounced it good. And then my head exploded.

War Drums by kinoksana (season one footage): introducing John Watson. Clever. (I feel I should warn for this one. It’s rated R. War, guns, possibly drowning, enjoying danger. May be triggery.)

Could Be Dangerous by lee_fragilidad (season one footage): are you coming along, John? Wonderful; great music choice and editing.

Troublemaker by Aislynn815 (season one footage): introducing Sherlock. Pure, unadulterated fun.

Sherlock: Because I’m Awesome by dierdrecee (footage from both seasons): what is says on the tin.

I wish you would just be real with me by HeartPrism (season one footage only): amusing and touching at the same time, in which John loves Sherlock and Sherlock doesn’t even like boys.

What John (really) is to Sherlock by daasgrrl (all footage): the answer. (It makes me laugh.)

Once by ant3ka (all footage): Sherlock and John struggle and come together.

One Week by Liisakee (all footage): comedy gold. The epic friendship vid.

This Charming Man by trelkez (all footage): introducing Lestrade (poor guy *grins*)

Children’s Work by keerawa (all footage): the Sherlock lot as family. I love this vid; not sure I can tell you why, but I do.

The Wondersmith and his sons by annabellebandit (all footage): another of them as a type of family. Good stuff.

Twisted by KinOksana (A Scandal In Belgravia footage only): this is THE Scandal vid for me, telling the story with fantastic editing to a cracking Florence and the Machine track.

too late for logic by KatrinDepp (Scandal footage only): introducing Irene, oh Irene.

Smooth Criminal by Liisakee (all footage): introducing Moriarty, with style.

SAIL by beadedstar (all footage): I love this. Oh my, the editing! It crawled inside my head and won’t leave. The ultimate Sherlock and Moriarty vid.

the virgin & the psychopath by Deductism (all footage): this is not a happy vid, okay? But it is perfectly chilling.

The Woman That Counted by Nyah86Production (all footage): introducing Molly, because there needs to be some Molly love.

no light, no light by narc0manic (all footage): because I am a sucker for vids to music by Florence, but also this is just well damn done.

(22)1BR/1BA by purplefringe (all footage): John, after. Be sad, but, oh my, be impressed by this vid.

waited long enough by LadySteena (all footage): long after the end of season two…

Are You Watching Closely? by Liisakee (all footage): THIS. Perfection. THAT moment at the end of season two, so cleverly done. This could be a trailer for season three.

The Name's Sherlock Holmes by Liisakke (all footage): time for some hilarity and to the Robert Downey Jr film version music for the win. After all the sad, remember how funny this show is!

let’s get dangerous by KatrinDepp (all footage): Sherlock as Darkwing Duck. Amusement.

Last Friday Night by deadkoala (all footage): hilarious and brilliant editing. Look out for the ‘skinny dipping’ and ‘ménage a trois’ scenes.

sherlock song spoof by KatrinDepp (all footage): I dare you not to laugh. (I am torn over what I laughed at most. Mrs Hudson may win.)

fun!trailer by KatrinDepp (all footage): If Sherlock were a comedy show, what would the trailer look like? This is answer and I love it. I watched this many, many times in a row. It is a sadness antidote.

Star Trek

Marchin On by jactrades (Star Trek XI, or whatever you like to call it, footage only): my most favourite Star Trek vid ever, full stop. Ensemble, they all shine, they shine together. This gets makes me feel inspired to pull my socks up and face whatever comes.

Mind Meld (It’s All Coming Back To Me Now) by spookyfbi (Star Trek XI and TOS footage): if there is a classic vid, this is it. Kirk/Spock, mind meld on Delta Vega.

Stuck To You by giandujakiss (Star Trek XI): Kirk/Uhura/Spock, funky music and fun.

…on the dance floor by sloanesomething (Star Trek XI): the summary is not enough ladies, too many mans.

We Go Together by such_heights (Star Trek XI): ensemble vid to Grease. Trust me, okay? You will smile.


All These Things That I’ve Done by cnstrikesback (footage from Firefly): this IS Firefly. Ensemble wonderfulness. I have so much love for this vid.

Suddenly I See by purplefringe (footage from Firefly): a smiley Kaylee and Inara friendship vid. Seriously, very smiley :D Beautifully edited.

Devil’s Spoke by purplefringe (footage from Firefly and Serenity): THE Zoe/Wash vid for me. Absolutely fantastic.

So Alone by Liisakee (footage from Serenity the film): ‘We’ve never been so many and we’ve never been so alone.’ Beautifully done and fantastic editing.

My Wish by valamd (all footage): wonderful vid that will give you all the warm feelings.

Harry Potter

Marchin On by dazzleme7 (footage from all films): epic friendship vid of friendship.

This place about to blow by Fietoesen (all films): bad guys.

We Are – Dumbledore’s Army by featherstar16 (footage from Order of the Pheonix): this is about facing the propaganda during fifth year and I love the idea.

Hogwarts Students Can’t Be Tamed by GuiltyyDreamer (all footage): not the best vid in the world, but I like the sentiment.

We’re going back where we belong by Luthien3333 (all footage): this gives me all the fandom feelings. Going home. Beautiful.

Doctor Who

I did a bunch of vid recs for Doctor Who here, which are all wonderful, so go and watch those first and then come back, because I’m going to try not to repeat myself *grins*. Also, I plan on doing some Rory recs, so I’m saving the vids with him (and him and Amy) in for that: watch this space ;) So these would be the others I currently have:

47 Years In Time & Space by VG934 (all Who, but no spoilers): have an introduction.

Blame It On The Doctor by koloSigma1 (all new Who): brilliant. Madcap adventures!

Just A Girl by odessie (all Who): so much love for this. Do not underestimate the girls!

Unwritten by DWDeb (season 3 footage): introducing Martha Jones.

One Week: Doctor & Donna by VickiTurner24601 (season 4 footage): fantastic and fun friendship vid.

It’s so quiet here: Doctor+Donna by Liisakee (season 4): so beautiful and so sad. So beautiful and so, so sad.

Sooner Or Later by Lisakee (all new Who): companions and love, they'll get there eventually. Feelings, people, have them.

Moves Like Jagger by lady_with_cats (season 5 and 6 footage): in which Eleven likes showing off and kissing. I love this. It makes me smile a lot.

King of Anything by Lisakee (all new Who): the Doctor and his companions, and the Doctor being taken down a few pegs. Ha.

That don’t impress me much by GuardianJupiter (seasons 4, 5 & 6): River is not impressed; I am amused.

Running Up That Hill by ladyoftime7 (season 4, 5 & 6): River/Doctor. Ouch.

A Thousand Years by GSCSK18 (seasons 4, 5 & 6): River/Doctor. Still ouchy, but beautifully so.

Secrets by Liisakee (seasons 5 and 6): because Eleven has a lot of them and ‘this time I’m gonna give all my secrets away’.

The First Question - 50th Anniversary Trailer by LastWhovian (all Who): what it says on the tin.

Time Lord Victorious by Liisakee (all new Who): the Oncoming Storm, on the war path.

This Is War – A Good Man Goes To War by cappieccino (6x07 footage): a few people have paired this episode and song, but this is my favourite, for the editing and clips.

Dwell In Thee by catminolte (footage from 6x10 only): this is absolutely gorgeous, really, I haven’t the words. ‘If my heart has one ambition…’

She Knows… by Liisakee (all new Who): in 'The God Complex' we wonder what the Doctor believes in. Well, he believes in Rose. This is beautiful.

Love Is Cool by such_heights (season 5 and 6 footage, including mini episodes): such a happy, wonderful, brilliantly edited vid of joy and love :D

Raise Your Glass by Liisakee (all new Who): I love this, so very much. A feel good vid of fantastic.

What I like about You (Karen & the Babes) bu HRS1812 (behind the scenes): Matt, Karen, and Arthur having fun. A happy, bouncy vid.

You may have noticed by this point that I rec a lot of vids by Liisakee. That is beacause they make amazing vids. I would rec them all, but instead I’ll just say: go here and enjoy.

And While We’re Here…

Angel: Things Have Changed by trelkez: Wesley, ‘a worried man with a worried mind’

The Hunger Games: So Cold by Grable424: ‘this house no longer feels like home’

Syfy’s Alice: Never Gonna Leave Me by fragilidad: Alice/Hatter, ‘you’re here and you’re never gonna leave me’

Syfy’s Alice: Check Yes, Alice by WhenTheyPassTheHat: ‘I’ll keep tossing rocks at your window’

Whedonverse: So What by valamd: secondary female characters, ‘and you’re a tool so, so what, I am a rock star’

Multifandom: Skyscraper: Women Of Science Fiction by valamd: ‘go on and try to tear me down, I will keep rising from the ground’

Fandom: Raise Your Glass by CosplayFeverBook: ‘and we will never be, never be, anything but loud’
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