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06 June 2012 @ 12:30 am
a sharing post  
I really need to do some rec posts, especially for the crazy amount of Avengers things that I have been loving, but since today is not that day I'm going to share some fun things at least:

Since it was the Queen’s jubilee today have an appropriate and amusing Sherlock gif (spoilers for 2.1): here

Speaking of amusing gifs, take a look at THIS Avengers one followed by THIS. No spoilers. Made my laugh my socks off.

Have a Star Trek 2 teaser trailer. It's on the way, yay!

An absolutely fantatic Tony Stark/Iron Man vid: Cuckoo by radiobroadcast on YouTube, footage from Iron Man and Iron Man 2.

Fix It is an absolutely amazing Coulson online comic/graphic novel/thing/I don't know, I was too busy staring at it! Spoilers for Avengers. Summary: a story of some Coulson, some doughnuts, and some fixing.

There is a Coulson game. I am pants at it, ha.

I’ve doing a load of rec posts for many wonderful Natasha, Clint, and Natasha/Clint things over on be_compromised where there are many great things. Take a look!

the common sense guide to surviving the zombie apocalypse from Postcard and gyzym on tumblr. Amusing and full of common sense. Also, I do not think I will survive, heh.

Downstairs, In Baker Stree by behtan_b_bad (PG13, 5,254). A mash up of many different fandoms, the most obvious being Sherlock BBC, James Bond, and RED, with spoilers for Sherlock 2.3. I absolutely love this. It is full of ladies and mature ladies for the win. They solve things and kick butt and this is the Mrs Hudson for me.