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Story updates and book-space



I received my weasley_fest assignment.  It doesn't call for much plot, but the plot bunnies keep diving on it, so I hope my recipient won't be disappointed!


The Tales from the Slytherin Common Room has years one, five and six completed with part of seven written, so still three and a half years to write before I can let a beta loose on it.


Here Be Dragons, which is the title of the story of Hermione's first year teaching at Hogwarts covering the event of Transfigurations and continuing to the end of the that year just won't stop growing!  There are now multiple Ministry plots and meetings of the old DA.  This one is so very much not going to be finished any time soon.  I don't want to post any of it until it's completed, although I may start posting before it's entirely beta read, because there are so many plot offshoots I keep having to go back and tweak things.  It's a monster.  *heads desk*


There's also another Rita Skeeter story in the works, a story in which Rolf Scamander brings Luna Lovegood home to meet his parents sometime after the ending of Fantastic Beasts, a story about Charlie and the DREAM team (Dragon Reserves Exchanging Animals for Mating) in post-Soviet Ukraine, a short story with Andromeda Black and a short Firefly story about a moment between Wash and Zoe.


So, it is not that there is not storytime at the moment, but that inkvoices is working on little bits of multiple stories to appease the plot bunnies.  *grins*


On the non-fanfiction writing front: I'm writing a story for a friend's birthday that's a modern take on Cinderella, with the moral of the story being that glass footwear is dangerous, children, and you may end up in the A&E.


Also, last week I co-wrote a Murder Mystery, which was the first Murder Mystery script I've ever wrote and was, in fact, the first Murder Mystery night I've ever been to.  BUT it worked (aka at least three people figured it out) and people seemed to enjoy it.  There was a hit and run, poisonings by chlorine and the Chancellor was drowned in the local river.  There was great confusion over who was sleeping with who, pizza was an important plot point and one of the 'characters' was a Scottish Muslim who wanted Scottish Independence and was sending death threats to the Chancellor because he was supposedly anti-Scottish.  The ten actors we had playing the principle characters were great with our Scot even turning up in a kilt!


In other news: I tried to cut down my book collection today, because I have to pack up and go back home on Friday and I have far too many fiction books here at uni, never mind at home, only there was a slight problem.  I took a nice pile of books to the market…and the bookstall man gave me books in exchange.  I came back with less books than I left with and I do want to read The Time Traveller's Wife, but I still have book-space issues. 


Terry Prachett has L-space, where all libraries in space and time are connected to each other.  I would like B-space, book-space where I can open one book and suddenly have access to all the books I linked it to, or hid inside it, because it would be fun and because it would make packing books a hell of a lot easier.  Unless of course it still weighed the same…



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