Star Trek Beyond

Watched this one on Friday and damn but there are some good films this year.

It's a solid plot with humour and lots of banter, the special effects are of course great, and it's just really good fun. And the cast interactions, the writing and the acting of them, sell it. Also it feels more like the writing has gone back to Star Trek basics, where it's about being curious about the universe and figuring out clever solutions to problems - which are often off the wall considering the crazy situations that they get into. (If you had concerns after seeing the trailers, forget about them, because they spliced some stuff together there that ahahaha NO.)

This is my sister's fandom and I love watching her engage with these films: there was laughing outloud, giggles of glee, her hands went to cover her mouth, she was grabbing my arm, there was a fist pump in there at some point, and we stayed until the very final notes of the after credits music. Not for extra credit scenes - because there aren't any, although the space credits are pretty - but just because Star Trek. I'm gonna have to take her again :D

And at the end is In Loving Memory of Leonard Nimoy and For Anton.

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Okay, so I vaguely remember things about the original Ghostbusters but I can't actually remember ever watching it? But I have a friend - @TricksyLiesmith - who loves 80s films, so I was prepared to go along with her and thought I'd probably find it fun. Then there were all those noises about having women play the lead characters and the guys being jokes and, ugh, how awful this was and it must be stopped...and I admit in the face of this my brain went: film, take my money. So, disclaimer if needed, that's where I stood when we went to the pictures yesterday.

Folks, this is film is hugely enjoyable. I was not prepared to like it this much. I laughed A LOT. And it's just fun. Yes, there's some feminism in there, but it's average 'this is what all ladies put up with' feminism and some amusing jokes about and around being a woman; no man-hating, in your face, explosive feminism as bemoaned by internet boys. Lots of in your face ghosts and slime though. And jumpy moments, clever moments, comedy. I'd like to watch this again some time, yes please.

And @TricksyLiesmith told me that as a huge fan of the original film she really loved it and thought all the Easter eggs worked really well. So love all 'round.

Also, I know most people on my f-list will have been trained by Marvel, but just in case, if you go to see this do stay until the very end because there's lots of extra credit scenes and amusing credits and an end-end extra credit scene. Like, ALL THE EXTRA CREDIT SCENES. Enjoy :D


The Martian

I was having a geek out over The Martian on twitter today and I thought I'd share here too :)

So, The Martian, if you haven't heard of it, is an excellent book by Andy Weir about a man, Mark Watney, left behind on Mars when a storm strikes the Ares III mission. The plot is whether or not he can survive, and whether or not he will be rescued. But for all that it's a feel good, uplifting story about solving one problem at a time, people helping each other, and the sense of humour of the characters has you laughing. There's now also a film, staring Matt Damon, which is missing some of the book's content but captures the tone of the film wonderfully and makes me smile a lot. There's an extended edition being released with extra footage and two new deleted scenes, which unfortunately is US only. Which brings me back to twitter, because I promised some friends links to the extras that I'd found online. And then I also shared some recs. And we had a gif war. Because reasons.

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126 Civil War Icons

Happy Friday, have a huge pile of Captain America: Civil War icons *grins*.

Images are mostly from promotional material and then there', A LOT of quote icons. I could just keep on making loads of these, but i'm cutting myself off. Until we get screencaps at least, heh. But if there's any of your favourite quotes that I've missed shout out and I'll add those! And because there's quote icons, HERE BE SPOILERS, but I figure it's been a month? But still, no spoilers for major plot points. (She says. Yell at me if I'm wrong.)


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X Men: Apocalypse

I watched X Men: Apocalypse yesteday. Non-spoiler reaction: oh my gosh, this film is ridiculous rubbish, but I had so much fun watching it. No, really, plot holes you can drive a bus through, fridged ladies, obvious plot exposition, cheesey dialogue, and yet all fun to mock. And amongst the mess some really nice moments and really amusing moments. If you enjoy X Men, yes even at least parts of the thid film, and yes even the Wolverine films, then I'm sure you'll find something to enjoy in this one too. I did.

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And now I feel the urge to reread old X Men fanfic, but the first set of films and comics fanfic, before all the Charles/Erik and back in the days when there were lots of X Kids shenanigan fics.

I leave you with one of my favourite X vids, an oldie but a goodie: these are the days (of miracle and wonder) by kaydeefalls. (Password is just above the vid.)
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Franzi and Gecko's Friends exchange - Dear Writer letter

Hi! In the spirit of this being a laidback, friendly exchange, seriously, I really am going to be okay with anything that you feel like writing. I’ll just be sat over here happy that I could help enable you into creating something! But since that’s unhelpful *grins* here’s a few of my likes and dislikes:

I’ve listed some of my favourite characters in my requests, but other characters are also great, especially ladies and interesting character dynamics. I LOVE team-families! I also like sass and fun dialogue, competent ladies, twists, AUs, misunderstandings and people not getting on straight away, friends to lovers, and the ridiculousness that is life. Diversity is great: gender, sexuality, disability, all the things.

Gen fics, ship fics, and threesomes are all fair game; just make me believe in it. Infinite variety in infinite combinations :) When it comes to sexytimes feel free to include them or not; sub/dom and bondage, sensual and worshipping, or sex being ridiculous and messy all welcome. And emotions/feels are always welcome.

I enjoy all kinds of genres – comedy, serious fic, hurt/comfort – but I’m in the kind of mood at the moment where I’d like everyone to be okay by the end.

If you’re after something more specific or prompt orientated feel free to use or ignore any of these:
- circus
- supernatural/fairytale
- asexual character
- ladies team up
- Clint Barton collects strays
- shenanigans at any version of Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters
- Firefly: it never goes smooth / Marvel: aww, noes
- anything that spins out of Civil War

In this exchange I’d rather not read or write: major character death, baby!fic or incest.
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fic: maybe not soon

So my meta for Captain America: Civil War is still percolating, but I should be seeing it again tomorrow night after work and that might help. In the meantime, I have committed fic - canon fic even *gasp*. Which, be warned, contains spoilers and doesn't make any sense if you haven't watched the film yet. Enjoy!

Title: maybe not soon
Rating/Warning: PG13 (f-word)
Length: 1656 words
Summary: They’ll see each other again, just maybe not soon. (Extra-extra post-credit scenes for Captain America: Civil War.)
Author Note: With thanks to franztastisch for encouragement and a speedy beta read :) Also here on AO3.

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2015 Big Book List

The new things that I read in 2015 - not including comics, because otherwise we really will be here all day, although there are the things that I read as graphic novels. This is just a list, although arranged in at least some kind of rec order. My reviews and book chatter is over here at goodreads. I tend to rate some books higher overall if I enjoyed them regardless of some faults and then there's those, like New Avengers: The Reunion, that are so bad they're good, but no, really, I can't rate them any higher even if I'm enjoying myself laughing.

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Comics mentions for things I'm loving: Bitch Planet, Saga, Lazarus, Pretty Deadly, The Beauty, The Wicked & The Devine, Giant Days, Southern Cross, East of West, I tried some of Isobelle Greenberg's things at Thought Bubble and she's amazing... A lot of Image! I'm trying to teach myself to wait for more trades when it comes to Marvel, although I've been trying some first issues of their new lines. (All new All New Hawkeye was a sad disappointment. Doctor Strange was amusing. The first issue of The Vision was cleverly creepy.)

Any recommendations from your 2015 reads?
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fanvid help?

I'm attempting - attempting - a new creative thing. As in a short fanvid, using iMovie. It's a small project that I've been wanting to try for a few years and there's no time like the present, right? So I've started playing around with it for a bit each night. Only I've hit a wall. How do people get film footage from movies onto their computer in a way that they can do some simple edits?

I own the films I want to use footage from, I've loaded them onto my laptop, I've tried putting them in iTunes and dragging them into iMovie, and I've tried handbrake. I think it might be to do with films being protected? But then I tried a trial of something called TunesKit which said it would remove the DRM. Which it seems to do, but then the file still wasn't available in iMovie. And whilst I don't mind paying for a programme to solve my problem, I don't want to spend money on something when the trial doesn't work.

Any help or advice???